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Carmagnola D, Storelli S, Cargnel M, Romeo E, Abati S.

Intraoral clinical healing of three different types of sutures and SEM study of the morfology of the

colonization of the sutures.

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Lops D, Rozza R, Scanferla M, Ghisolfi M, Storelli S, Romeo E.

Short (6-mm and 8-mm) dental implants in the rehabilitation of partially edentolous atrophic arches.

A 8 year pbservation study.

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Lops. D, Rossi A, Rozza R, Fadini L, Storelli S.

Protesi parziale fissa supportata da impianti con abutment in zirconia: sopravvivivenza protesica a 2 anni dal carico

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Surgical and prosthetic management of interproximal region with single-implant restorations: 1-year prospective study.

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Carico immediato di impianti per overdentures mandibolari.

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E. Romeo, M. Scanferla, S. Storelli

Implants made of different materials: Titanium grade IV bone level SLActive implants versus titanium-zirconium (Ti-Zr) bone level SLActive implants in the rehabilitation of edentulous mandible

Starget 2009 vol 1: 14-18

Romeo E, Lops D, Storelli S, Ghisolfi M.

Clinical peri-implant sounding accuracy in the presence of chronic inflammation of peri-implant tissues. Clinical observation study.

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The use of short dental implants in clinical practice: literature review.

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Storelli S, Amorfini L, Camandona M, Romeo E.

Evaluating the precision of Straumann® coDiagnostiX based on a clinical case

Starget 2011 vol 1: 15-26

Amorfini L, Storelli S, Romeo E.

Rehabilitation of a dentate mandible requiring a full arch rehabilitation. Immediate loading  of a fixed complete denture on 8 implants placed with a bone supported surgical guide planned with Simplant: a case report.

Accepted Journal of Oral Implantology

Bilal Al-Nawas MD DMD1, Urs Brägger DMD2, Henny JA Meijer DDS3, Ignace Naert DDS4, Rigmor Persson DDS2, Alessandro Perucchi DMD5, Marc Quirynen DDS4, Gerry M Raghoebar MD DMD3, Torsten E Reichert MD DMD6, Eugenio Romeo MD DMD7, Hendrik J Santing DDS3, Martin Schimmel DMD8, Stefano Storelli PhD7, Christiaan ten Bruggenkate MD DDS9, Betty Vandekerckhove DDS4, Wilfried Wagner MD DMD1, Daniel Wismeijer DMD9, Frauke Müller DMD8

A double-blind randomized controlled trial (RCT) of Titanium-13Zirconium versus Titanium Grade IV small diameter Bone Level implants in edentulous mandibles- results from a 1-year observation period

Accepted Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research

Romeo E, Villa V, Abati S, Storelli S, Camandona M, Iorio M.

Bond strength of dental ceramics and composite to three different CAD/CAM materials. In vitro tests.

Submitted to The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry

Dellavia C, Carmagnola D, Storelli S, Rossi A, Canciani E, Romeo E

Histologic evaluation of the perimplant tissues of 3 human retrieved Straumann implants.

Submitted to Journal of Investigative and Clinical Dentistry

Storelli S, Romeo E, et al

A 10-year retrospective analysis of clinical and prosthetic outcomes in single tooth rehabilitation in molar sites: wide neck platform versus regular neck platform.

In preparation

Storelli S, Romeo E, et al

A 10-year retrospective analysis of of milled bar overdentures in fully edentolous patients.

In preparation

Storelli S, Romeo E, et al

A 10-year retrospective analysis of toronto bridge rehabilitation in fully edentolous patients.

In preparation

Amorfini L, Storelli S, Romeo E.

Immediate loading of post-extractive implants inserted with computer generated guides.

In preparation

Storelli S, Amorfini L, Romeo E.

Prospective evaluation of implants inserted with computer generated guides: evaluation of 120 implants 1 to 3 years.

In Preparation

Amorfini L, Storelli S, Romeo E.

Single tooth rehabilitation with customized zirconia abutments (CARES): prospective evaluation up to 4 years follow up

In preparation







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